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No Hardware
Real-time Connected Vehicle data
Unique Datasets

The Compass Suite

Friction loss data

friction loss

Understand where friction loss happens and how this impacts surrounding roads.

Near-miss data


Understand where drivers are hard braking or swerving, and risk profile across the network.

Origin destination sample


Understand travel times, trip distribution, what routes drivers are taking, and speeds.

Pavement quality on the platform

Pavement quality

Understand asset maintenance and changes to road surface deterioration.

Pavement quality on the platform

Intersection Analysis

View the level of service and queue lengths in the new intersection analysis tool.

Using connected vehicles

How Compass software works

A purple car.

Different sensors inside vehicles are streamed via the cloud.

A symbolic representation of the digital cloud.

Machine Learning algorithms process the raw sensor data.

A laptop.

Users can instantly access the network-wide and real-time data from anywhere.

New and unique datasets.

Roll, pitch, yaw
Queue Lengths
Make and model
More to come
Google Cloud logo.

Google Cloud Customer Awards

1 of 11 global winners

We received a Google Cloud Customer Award for our applications of connected vehicle data in tracking road deterioration and prioritising maintenance during the 2022 Lismore floods.
Use cases

How our customers are using Compass insights

Everything from state-wide freight vehicle origin-destination, VMS sign effectiveness, road safety, to local traffic management.

G-forces in Fulham Road in Townsville.

Local traffic management

Using Compass data to determine road safety decisions across local areas and local area traffic management schemes.

How cars travel between Archbold Road and Clive Street during evening peak hours.

Origin-Destination data for Rat Running

Understanding how drivers are using main roads as intended or local roads instead.

Origin-destination study of electric vehicles travelling between Sydney and Newcastle.

Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure

How to use Compass IoT data to plan electric vehicle charging utilisation and infrastructure.


Some common questions

How much data do you get?
What is the level of detail captured?
Do you have regional and rural data coverage?

Who we help

Compass helps a variety of professionals across public and private organisations.

Local Councils

State Government

Road safety, traffic flow, road design.

Road Operators



Driver behaviour, road safety.


Compass clients at our Track Day event.

What our customers say

"Route Selection is a massive help when investigating complaints about speeding, and in places where it is difficult to use traditional tube counts".

Roman Maher

Roman Maher

Senior Coordinator Design

City of Darwin

"Service and support went above and beyond what we see with other vendors".

Jeff Sharp

Jeff Sharp

Associate Partner

EY Australia

"Approach to data collection unparalleled to standard expensive traffic survey methodologies".

Kasun Wijayaratna

Kasun Wijayaratna



"Provides a snapshot of Sydney transportation data with diverging paths during six months of pandemic".

Edmund Cheung

Edmund Cheung

Principal Lead

Ason Group

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