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Hosted by Emily Bobis

Byte Size Podcast

Highlighting industry leaders, innovation, and the businesses at the forefront of new Smart City and transport technology.

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Paul Maric talks about Australia and electric vehicles
Rajesh Thangaraj talks about a holistic approach to emerging technology.
Sue Boyce talks about how to design more inclusive cities
David Brown talks about the pros and cons of averages.
Gene Corbett talks about the benefits of driver training in reducing road fatalities.
Michael Doherty talks about parking technology and some tips and tricks.
Jeff Sharp explores the digitisation of road infrastructure and business partnerships.
Rachel Smith solves problems by taking a holistic approach.
Dave Jones talks about how innovation can make cities safer and user-friendly.
Monica Zarafu talks about micro-mobility and shared mobility.
Enrica Centorame talks about breaking down barriers in logistics and businesses.
Nick Karahlis talks about why traffic impact studies are important.
Tom Steal talks about data-driven methods for city planning.
Yale Wong talks about the efficiency and integration across transport systems.
Lauren Bourke talks about gender diversity in the transport industry.

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