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We use data to make our cities better and safer places to live.

Compass IoT's story can be traced back to 2 things: Bike-sharing and a very convincing Greek-Australian.

Compass Co-founders Emily Bobis and Angus McDonald met on a university exchange trip. They both worked together on Angus' first business, Airbike - the first Australian owned and operated bike-sharing company. Working in micro-mobility meant chatting with a lot of governments and transport professionals. It became pretty clear that there was a very big problem: there wasn't enough data about how people actually moved around cities that was reliable and scalable. So, in September 2018, we launched Compass IoT and worked on it between casual jobs and uni classes.

The road to the Compass you see today was not without pivots; we actually started as a cow tracking company. It wasn't until we met Nick - a very charismatic Greek-Australian traffic engineer - that we were convinced to go all-in on Connected Vehicle tech.

Compass IoT is now a multi-award winning and internationally recognised Road Intelligence company that is 100% employee owned. We believe that data is the key to building better, more sustainable and safer cities to live in. Our billions of Connected Vehicle datapoints are used by government and private organisations to improve road safety, infrastructure, and city planning across Australia. Our company mission has stayed the same since the very beginning:

We’ve won a number of awards and are globally recognised as a leader in Connected Vehicle insights:

Use cases

How has compass helped

Everything from state-wide freight vehicle origin-destination, VMS sign effectiveness, road safety, to local traffic management.

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G-forces in Fulham Road in Townsville.

Local traffic management

Using Compass data to determine road safety decisions across local areas and local area traffic management schemes.

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How cars travel between Archbold Road and Clive Street during evening peak hours.

Origin-Destination data for Rat Running

Understanding how drivers are using main roads as intended or local roads instead.

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Origin-destination study of electric vehicles travelling between Sydney and Newcastle.

Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure

How to use Compass IoT data to plan electric vehicle charging utilisation and infrastructure.

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