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Dave Jones | How innovation makes cities safe and for users

April 19, 2021

Often when we consider innovations across transport, we think of AI, automation, and Big Data. But what if there are much simpler solutions that are right under our noses? Often we neglect to think about how we can augmented the infrastructure we've already got - improve road friction, or even the user experience of a pedestrian crossing.

On this episode, we chat with Dave Jones, External Affairs Director for Smarterlite Group - dedicated to making our roads, buildings, and infrastructure better, safer, and greener - about how something as small as improving the friction on our roads can decrease crash factors by up to 40%. Dave, who has over 25 years experience across public and private businesses in transport, is a strong advocate for spearheading a culture of innovation within government bodies and transport in general, and for improving the user experience of the built environment.

Fostering a culture of innovation within transport and infrastructure benefits all road and roadside users; so how do we make this the norm?

Smarterlite's website: www.smarterlite.com