Jeff Sharp | Partnerships, infrastructure, and digitisation.Listen here +

Jeff Sharp | Partnerships, infrastructure, and digitisation.

The advent of new technology has opened the floodgates for people working within Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and general public alike. In the last 5 years, we've seen applications of IoT, Digital twin tech, connected vehicles, and smart sensors to our road networks when less than 10 years ago, such applications were deemed impossible.

Our guest today is Jeff Sharp, General Manager of Technology Partnerships and Innovation at Transurban. Jeff has over 20 years experience leading innovation, developing strategic technology partnerships and delivering innovation initiatives to support business growth. In particular, we talk about what this new technology means for road tolls, road safety, and the importance of partnerships in realising innovative solutions.

In this episode you'll hear about:

- The technology disrupting toll roads

- How to future-proof our road infrastructure for the era of autonomous vehicles

- Applications of new ITS tech to improve safety and user experience

- The importance of partnerships for innovation

- What can we expect from transport infrastructure in the next 100 years?