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Adam Coward

Adam Coward


Chief Commercial Officer

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Tell us about yourself

My role is about staying on top of latest trends to help find solutions for people who are moving house. I spend a lot of my time looking at interstate migration, reviewing Google search trending questions, and responding to frequently asked questions to stay in front of our customers demand. I also work with many "upstream & downstream"  partners to collaborate on how we can help movers feel at home sooner.

What are the top 3 trends in your transport/smart city niche that everyone should look out for in the next 5 years?

We've seen many people relocate to regional areas or go through a "city downsizing" to find better value. We've seen key blogs around "best suburbs to live Sydney" or "Furniture donation near me"  increase in search as more people look to community guides to make better decisions about moving. There is an ongoing consolidation of services to help movers "bundle" their move through one provider or one solution (including a network for providers). We continue to see more people look for "shared space / backloading" to be able to save money noting smaller moves are becoming more popular.

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How do you/your company innovate?

We created a specific platform that allows customers to see what removalist space is available that matches their specific needs on specific dates so they don't waste time calling around to get the best offer. We bundle a range of services to help personalise to customers needs. We are building software that allows upstream partners in finance, real estate, utilities to be able to book a move and receive commission / discounts for their customers without having to leave their current flow and know they are getting access to the best options. We help customers link to a wide range of connected services that need to happen as part of any move.

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and tech important?

There is continuing fragmentation in the market and tech / innovation is the glue that allows people to connect to services for their common problems but in their own unique way. No longer do you need to conform to one way and Muval is proof that even with each mover being very different that smart use of tech allows for one platform to deliver highly personalised solutions efficiently.

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