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Venkatesh Gopal

Venkatesh Gopal


Partnerships and Business Development Manager

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Tell us about yourself?

Started as a field engineer troubleshooting vehicles.I switched to a more diverse profile to be able to shape what an automotive company should do. I figured adding vehicles to the roads wasn't helping anyone, got annoyed and quit. I joined a visionary leader to work towards building shared sustainable mobility solutions.

What are the top 3 trends in your transport/smart city niche that everyone should look out for in the next 5 years?

Multimodal and intermodal shared mobility access.

Lighter-shared vehicles will contribute to better cities.

Cities doubling down on curbing congestion.

How do you/your company innovate?

We look at solving a city planning or transportation problem from the way people move around, the purpose and motivations. Then comes putting together a solution for that. We rely on building a financial feasible plan as only when saving the planet becomes cheaper than killing it, will we witness lasting pattern change.

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and tech important?

When it comes to transportation the age-old purpose of faster-bigger-more hasn't worked in the long term. Innovation makes us rethink from scratch so that we can bring better concepts to life. Tech is a boon that most of the times gets abused to fuel the older purpose.

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